In February 2005 Petrotech was granted a full marketing license by the Government of UAE and since then, Petrotech has been engaged in developing a retail network under Petrotech brand and by 31st December 2014.
We will have commissioned over two hundred and fifty retail outlets, in the four States of UAE. This number will rise to 30 by the end of 2015. 
Petrotech has developed storage facilities at Dubai and Ajman. Land has also been acquired at near Splash center and UMMAL QURIM and storage facilities will be completed by March 2015. At DUBAI and Container terminal 2 , Petrotech leased tankage under its own management. 

Fleet Management

PETROTECH  owns and operates an extensive fleet of road tankers containing a suite of up to date high-tech tools for vehicle tracking and safety.
Whether you manage an enterprise fleet, a small number of vehicles or even contractor workforces, PETROTECH offers a range of flexible packages to suit you.

Maintenance & Technology

We also pride ourselves on our intelligent logistics, utilizing the latest technology to meet the client’s requirements as efficiently and effectively as possible.
All our flow meters are certified and occupied with a Master Meter Receipt printing system in order to enhance measurement accuracy of all our deliveries.

Quality Control

PETROTECH provides Intertek fuel labs test for fuels quality specifications, following ASTM, ISO, and other industry standards.
Fuels analyzed include petroleum refined fuels, biofuels, CNG, LPG, coal, pet-coke, and other fuel sources.
Fuel testing laboratories support fuel quality control, research and troubleshooting.

Storage Facility

PETROTECH is engaged in the purchase, storage and sale of petroleum products such as Fuel Oil, High Speed Diesel, Gasoline, Jet A-1, LPG and Lubricants.
The company was incorporated in 2001 under the 1984 companies ordinance, primarily to take advantage of the petroleum sector deregulation and undertake a programme.

PETROTECH Bunkering in UAE